15 Popular Pakistani Food Dishes

By | September 16, 2019

It’s cliche to say, Pakistani food is considered to be one of the most famous food around the globe.

Although, we have few cuisines common to that of Indian food, however over the decade’s Pakistani food has distinguished itself in taste, presentation, and aroma.

Now, it’s impossible to stay away from the delicious Pakistani dishes whether you are living in Pakistan or abroad.

These mouth-watering cuisines can easily make you amazed about the diverse food and rich culture Pakistan has stored.

Foodnerd decided to list the best Pakistani food, whether you are traveling down the South or exploring the North, you will find the distinctive flavors of Pakistani food after every 100 miles.

So while you’re on a hunt for some delicious food, give a look at some of our favorite food without worrying about the calories (because you will get a fat belly in Pakistan, anyway).



Biryani is a prominent rice dish begun from Persia. It is a great nourishment arranged in flavors, saffron, and onions and has maybe the best smell.

Every region in Pakistan has its own one of a kind of Biryani. There is Sindhi Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, meat biryani, chicken biryani and that is just a glimpse of something larger.

Karachi has the most perfectly awesome biryani places in Pakistan. Understudy Biryani, Indus Foods, and Biryani Center offer world’s best biryanis. Additionally, if you happen to be in Islamabad you can endeavor these spots.


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Karahi gosht is seen as best cooked in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa locale.

In the incorporating zones of Peshawar, anything cooked in meat, be it sheep or goat meat, is constrained by the exceptional flavor this area brings to the table. On the other hand, Chicken karahi is a specialty of Lahore sustenance street.

The dish is made by skillet burning bits of chicken with tomatoes, green bean stew, ginger and garlic in a karahi.


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The unrestrained Nihari is also worshiped and noshed in breakfast and lunch.

The thick curry, overloaded with flavorful pieces of meat, cooked to faultlessness in the old walled city of Lahore.

It is generally called the dish of Nawabs of India as it was served to them on a morning feast before fragment.



Another tasty dish on the summary is involved lentils, grain, and meat.

The thick darker, solid surface is an authentic joy for all sustenance sweethearts. The best Haleem is served in a non-neighborhood setting all through the urban regions.

The liberal proportion of Haleem is given lemon, singed onions and coriander at really reasonable expenses to give you a veritable taste of Pakistani sustenance.



A champion among other thing cooked in a curry would be a Korma.

It is cooked with yogurt embedded with an example of caramelized onions, whole garam masala, and green cardamom.

The grand dish, Korma is seen as the all around venerated in Pakistan.


Chana Chaat is one of the most treasured snacks across over Pakistan.

Chana Chaat is a direct plate of blended greens stacked with chickpeas, cooked potatoes, dahi bara, samosa and gave tart, fiery chutney or yogurt beat with cut tomatoes, onions, mint and Chat masala.

It is best gotten a kick out of the holding up hours before dinner and during night noon.


The Pashtun styled Pakistani minced Chapli kabab are correspondingly valued transversely over Pakistan and in focus eastern countries.

The dish itself began from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and besides known as Peshawari kabab. Peshawar offers the most tasty Chapli Kababs in the country.

It is delivered utilizing minced meat or sheep with included flavors and shaped into a round sort of a patty. It is seared in an immense skillet and will pine for you for extra.



Zarda is a clear and one of the most disparaged baked good bringing the best of joys.

The unnoticeable sweetness and royal smell of basmati rice are gotten a kick out of over different celebratory occasions in Pakistan. The yellowish shaded prepared treat is an irrefutable prerequisite follow someone who hasn’t had an eat yet. You will unquestionably get subject to it.


There is something incredibly remarkable about Ras malai. These sensitive, flexible curds patties dunked in saffron milk adorned with dry sustenance is what every pakistani yearn for.

It is commonly available in bread shops and best served when it is chilled.


The triangle framed cakes is another outstanding gathered snack in Pakistan.

It is much of the time stacked down with meat and vegetables, for instance, pureed potatoes, peas, onions and carrot. They are firm and regularly created utilizing strong heated great.

This is one of the noticeable street snacks in Pakistan and likewise valued all through the length and broadness of the country.

11 Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi has various varieties and the dish is immensely notable in Pakistan. The dish doesn’t put aside a ton of your push to get prepared. Thusly, on the off chance that you’re planning to set up an essential smart lunch in just 30 minutes by then try to get the right direction to cook Chicken Karahi with Sooperchef.pk minute 2-minute video. I bet you will love the taste and endeavor a more prominent measure of the dishes.

12 Sajji

Sajji is a dish that can credit its initiations to the region of Balochistan. It is one of the basic qualities of Pakistani customary nourishment and involves a colossal piece of either sheep or chicken stacked down with rice and beat with a delightful green papaya stick. It’s by then put on a stick and cooked for a couple of hours.

13 Halva Puri

A puri is a sort of blend sprinkled with salt and took off in a round structure that is then fricasseed in a restricted amount of oil. It is unimaginably padded and light and goes with a sweet dish called halva—a mix of sugar syrup, egg whites, and sesame seeds. The mix of sweet and cruel flavors achieves a noteworthy eating learning.


The sweet baked good is a treat and an irrefutable prerequisite have all through the winter season. One of the common halwa served during the wedding season and other excellent occasions.

A warm bowl of this carrot made halwa is a rush ride of sweetness and warmness.

So if you happen to have a stormy season in Pakistan, make sure to get hands-on gajar halwa.

15 Nihari

Nihari is one of the most commended stews in the entire country. It is served to guests on noteworthy occasions and contains meat that is moderate cooked and stewed in flavors medium-term. The cooking system empowers the dish to hold the magnificent bone marrow totally, making phenomenal contrasted with other tasting meat dishes on the planet.

16 Kheer

Kheer is the most well known standard baked good in the country. It is a rice pudding made of rice, sugar, and milk. It solidifies a blend of nuts, for instance, almonds, pistachios, and cashews, similarly as saffron and cardamom to give it a beguiling tinge that melts in your mouth with each snack.

17 Chicken tikka

Chicken tikka is one of the most notable sustenances in Pakistan, it is eminent for its taste and its trademark worth.

It is a sizable portion of chicken slathered in regular flavors and thereafter fire seared to faultlessness. For a conclusive experience, dunk the bits of chicken in the going with mint dressing.

18  RasMalai

There is something extraordinary about ras malai. These fragile, springy curds patties dunked in a saffron milk adorned with dry common items is what every pakistani pine for.

It is commonly open in baked good shops and best served when it is chilled.

19 KarhiPakora

Karhi is a red hot sustenance. Its basic fixings are gram flour and different garnishes. It is regularly given rice. Pakoras are added to it and turmeric gives it a yellowish luring concealing with an exceptional scent.

20Gajar Ka Halwa


The sweet baked good is a treat and a flat out need have all through the winter season. One of the common halwa served during the wedding season and other exceptional occasions.

A warm bowl of this carrot made halwa is an insane ride of sweetness and warmness. So if you need a sub zero season in Pakistan, make sure to get hands-on Gajarkahalwa.

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