New Chicken Biryani recipe Pakistan at home

pakistani baryani

Biryani is a celebration of all that is mind blowing about Indian sustenance – the solid aromas, the energetic shades, the delicate rice and those addictive curry flavors. Make this Chicken Biryani with your protein of choice – or endeavor a vegetable biryani! Biryani equation One of the most referenced …

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How to Make Potato Kebabs?

pakistani Potato kabab Aloo Kabab or Potato Cutlets is an adaptable Pakistani veggie dear recipe made by cooking another patty of pureed potatoes and peas improved with close to herbs and flavors. Aloo Kabab or Potato Cutlets is an adaptable Pakistani veggie sweetheart condition made by singing another patty of …

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40 Indian Recipes Better Than Takeout


Drop that takeout menu: making hand made Indian sustenance isn’t just about eating on the table—it’s connected to examining one of the world’s most empowering nourishments. In general, Indian cooking is get-up-and-go ahead and splendid—a bit of our favored searing plans start from the subcontinent—which is the reason it’s so …

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15 Popular Pakistani Food Dishes

It’s cliche to say, Pakistani food is considered to be one of the most famous food around the globe. Although, we have few cuisines common to that of Indian food, however over the decade’s Pakistani food has distinguished itself in taste, presentation, and aroma. Now, it’s impossible to stay away …

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